Mark & Lori Wiseman, Owners

DJ Power Wash & Painting

D.J. Power Wash & Painting is a family owned and operated business that offers quality service with reasonable prices. We opened in 1991, by our vision to provide residents with a nice curb appeal to their home. Being first-time home owners ourselves, we realized that our home would be our largest investment, and we made a decision to take care of it. Upon research, we discovered the need for a reputable power wash service in our area. In the beginning, we cleaned residential homes with vinyl or aluminum siding. We have since expanded, offering services such as cleaning and staining decks, brick restoration, gutter & downspout cleaning, and roof cleaning. Over the last fifteen years we’ve also regularly serviced many restaurants, hospitals, schools, banks and stores in Fairfield, Franklin and their surrounding central-Ohio counties. Pleasing our customers is our #1 priority.